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    The asymptote of Nicki Minaj’s booty on the Anaconda cover is y = -20x



  2. Nick Jonas in a gay club last night (x)

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    similar posts: here

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    Fuck your house.

    OMG I’m dying

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    Lana’s reaction omg

    You fffffucking didn’t

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    Alwyas reblog because i completely agree & think dudes be so over the top when it comes to shit like this. Being that im in the military i see this attitude times a million because of the “machismo” attitude that permeates thru the military culture. I just be sittin back lookin at em like, “Dude, wtf are you tryna prove anyway? We GET that youre straight. Grow the fuck up & stop being an idiot.” Because honestly, to me at least, those guys that are super over the top about that kinda shit & be quick to say “WTF?! I aint gay!” usually be the closet ones thats suckin dick on the weekends. But i digress….

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    This does things to me. Dirty things.

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    miss frizzle is runnin out of field trips 

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  13. #livingwithmybitches #live (at Halo)


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    This episode

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