1. tyleroakley:

    swag bitch

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  2. unpopulaur:

    "catchy song by mainstream artist"


    "ft pitbull"


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  3. Zendaya and Josh interviewing Nicki at 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

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  4. littlealleybug:


    The uncensored version of Diet Mtn Dew (in my opinion the best version of this song).

    (…) Hit me my darling tonight
    I don’t know why but I like it
    Gotta get back to the wild
    Give it up give it up
    Live it up live it up (…)

    (…) Hurt me and tell me you’re mine
    I don’t know why but I like it
    Scare me my God you’re divine
    Gimme them gimme them
    Dope and diamonds (…)

    this is the fucking best thing I’ve ever heard I’m crying

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  5. tylanderrr:


    I can’t hear you, I’m wearing my jacuzzi suit!

    It’s 2014. Why aren’t these real.

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  6. tibets:

    here’s a video of me

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  8. MRW Joselyn Fox asked about Georgia Holts almost abortion

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  9. thegits:

    gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy <3

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  10. donatellavevo:

    Never forget

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  15. midwest-monster:

    broadway antique market

    i bought this telegram, because it’s probably the best thing i’ve ever seen.  i’m framing it.  it cost $1.

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