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    Blockbuster Video Graveyard

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  2. Pink pancakes for breast cancer! #kerbeylane (at Kerbey Lane Cafe)


  3. Backstage realness (at Oilcan Harrys)


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    It’s What’s Inside That Counts. The Cutaway Volkswagen Beetle - Early 1960s

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  5. Had so much fun working with @jeremy_gregg today #modelstatus (at Wolf Penn Park)


  6. Everyone should come out to @oilcanharrys tomorrow night to see @nirvanapiranha perform with @kellykline512 @kenyamichaels and @deltawork ! See you there! (at OCH)


  7. Getting #spoopy with @nirvanapiranha #target #foamwigs #halloween (at Target College Station)


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    Like Cher.

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    How to take stalker pictures when you see an attractive person

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