1. laurenpokedoff:

    Happy 79th Birthday to the Queen of Genovia and the Queen of My Heart, Julie Andrews! 

    Born: October 1, 1935

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  3. I thought it was called Maize. (at Walmart College Station)


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  5. Anonymous said: Are you a gold star gay



  6. Nick Jonas | Flaunt Magazine

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  7. I call myself that so twig coupes like you don’t do it behind my trunk. #pitchperfect #mustang #funnylicenseplates


  8. A pleasure as always Houston. (at Houston, Texas)


  9. Getting slo mo mode at the club (at Halo)


  10. Getting our glo party on! So excited for @xoxolondonadour to perform! (at Halo)


  11. Chocolate Strawberry tart from #CaffeEccell #Aggieland #CollegeStation (at Café Eccell)


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    This one wins

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