1. Let’s take a journey down 27 floors shall we? (at Hyatt Regency Houston)


  2. So this is what I did tonight. Just a cute little #foamparty (at South Beach Houston)


  3. Cute trip to THE KROGE #KROGER with @nirvanapiranha (at Kroger)


  4. The lighting in the @louboutinworld lounge was… Everything. #louboutin (at Saks Fifth Avenue Houston Galleria)


  5. THIS is how you do an in store display @louboutinworld #naillacquer (at Saks Fifth Avenue Houston Galleria)


  6. Feelin the fantasy.


  7. The beautiful glass dome at the Macy’s in #thegalleria (at Houston Galleria)


  8. #hyperlapse driving down #Texas in #CollegeStation #aggieland (at Aggieland Outfitters)


  9. Drive through @whataburger (at Whataburger)


  10. Lookin good and feelin fine! (at Halo)


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    Spongebob is the mother fuckin devil

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  12. 7th Heaven marijuana scene with Inception music

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    The escalation in this video.

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